What are we up to these days? The team over here at but, also is scheming and planning. Just you wait. Follow us on instagram and look out for our upcoming projects!


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from but, also project “nice try” (the Delafkaran Edition, 2021)

How are things going? Very well thank you for asking! We have successfully raised funds for our current and upcoming projects through our Kickstarter campaign, and have been planning full steam ahead! Below is a list of innagural supporters!

The Dalys
Caroline Covington
Arash Delafkaran & Tina Rahbarnia*
Cristina Cardenal**
Kate Martin***
Victoria Reis
Ceci Cole-McInturff
Tommy Bobo
Rachel Schmidt
Marta Staudinger
Blair Murphy
Frank Hallam Day
Marilyn Lichtman
Damon Arhos
Lindsay Grace
Rusty Vail
Elizabeth Ashe
Steven Jones
Christopher Chen
Jessica Elliot

Shana & Josh
PD Klein
Ian Davis
Stephanie Garon
Susan Main
Stephanie Grimm
Allison Llerena
Leslie Holt
Adrienne Gaither
Josh Sender
Felix Angel
Christopher Kardambikis
Justin Plakas
Miranda Stern
Jessi Binder

*Light Sponsor
**Paint Sponsor
***Bag Show Sponsor

Monday Nov 5 2018