Hi! but, also here. How’s it going? Oh wow, that’s great! Us too. We have been reflecting on how many wonderful artists we have had the pleasure of working with for the past three years, both when we had our brick and mortar gallery and in all of our subsequent pop-up projects. And reflecting on all of the support we have received from our incredible community in DC and beyond. We wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without the trust and curiousity from all of you. We are endlessly grateful. Thank you. #blessed. 

Check us out here and on our instagram for our pop-up shops and projects, as we move through the world finding new and fun ways of fulfilling the but, also mission. What’s the but, also mission? Check out the Mission page. What kinds of projects do we do? Check out the Projects archive. Are we always this long winded? Yes

Hopeful for the future,
Nancy + Rex but also, Rex + Nancy

Monday Nov 5 2018