Deadline to Apply: April 25, 2023
Artists Notified: April 28th, 2023
Install week: May 7-11, 2023
Show Opens: May 12, 2023
Show Closes: May 20, 2023

STABLEArts Gallery, 336 Randolph Place NE 20002

but, also  invites artists to submit work for consideration for our upcoming exhibition + sale, Score! in partnership with STABLE Arts. This open call is to submit a live performance work that engages with the applications of a score. Performance art has a long history with the “score” as documents, charts, or images, to preserve or archive live works, to translate them between artists and enactors, and collaborate across forms. There is an even longer history when considering a score as a text that documents movement, sound, and direction, and yet more applications of the word score in the English language: from “notches” to “20 of anything” to "GOAL!" We win! We digress…

In keeping with but, also’s mission to create generative opportunities for artists to make work that can financially supplement their primary art practice, this exhibition functions as a day of performance art followed by a week as a sale of works (and discussion). There will be several ways for the public to financially support your work in this non-traditional form.

In true but, also form our approach to this exhibition of performance is not only to share performance art with DC, but to play with the sustainability of performance, and how live work can be both archived, captured, and financially fed. The structure: in addition to an evening performances, the exhibition will be on view with public hours for the week following, with the remnants of the works on view, and sellables for sale in persona and online that facilitate direct support of your practices.

By keeping accessibility at the forefront, Score! will create a space where artists can experiment and sell their work, and where members of the DC community can come together around art and artists, with a sense of curiosity and learning. Also it will be fun. Very fun.

1. Artists are asked to submit a proposal for a performance piece on the theme described above for Score!

2. Artists are asked to submit a “performance score” as a JPG that will be made into a print and sold by but, also (ie: sketch, printed text, handwriting, title and drawing, drawing, list, collage, diagram, chart, quotes, list of materials, anything that you’re interested in! We can talk through it!)

3. Artists are asked to list materials that will be part of performance and installation: after the performances the gallery will be open to the public for a week and work from your installation will be for sale alongside your scores. A list of what would or could be sold from your performance (this could be anything from sculptures used in the work, to the outfit you wore, to the cup of water you drank from, etc)

4. 3-5 images of previous work

5. Image of you and short bio.


  • A night of performance art at STABLEArts Gallery, the Exhibition and Sale of performance ephemera from that day of performances, editioned prints of your scores (printed by but, also)
  • There will be a guest speaker during the week the show is up for sale / viewing
  • Archive of the show: scores, photo, video, social media

1. Honorarium of $400

2. 60% if your work sells.

3. Free promotion. Not only will we push the items for sale on our website and social media but we’ll highlight you and your art practice.

4. A line on your resume that includes both a live performance and group exhibition.

5. High quality tiff and jpeg documentation of your performance. Working on getting Video as well.  


1. To bring or ship your installation materials at the beginning of installation week
2. Be present to perform live at the gallery on Saturday, May 12


Deadline: April 25
Install week: May 7-11, 2023
Show Opens + Day of Performance: May 13, 2023
Show Closes: May 20, 2023
Deinstall: May 21, 2023


Click here to apply. Click here to apply. Due APRIL 25th, 2023. 

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