Aggie Toppins

Size: 24x36 inches
Edition Size: 25
Medium: Digital Print
Paper Type: #80 Silk



About the Poster:
In his essay “Coke as objet petit a,” philosopher Slavoj Žižek discusses the impulse to maintain desire by filling the space of the void (or lack) with junk, garbage, or shit. The motivation, he argues, is not to attain the object of desire but to ensure desire's existence by sustaining an open space of want. As a way of giving graphic expression to this idea, I hurled images and text randomly selected from my computer hard drive into the frame of the poster to reinforce it as a site. While a coherent linguistic message is unachievable, the barrage of open signifiers maintains the poster as a space for perpetual interpretation.


About the Artist:
I make, teach, and write about graphic design. I work at the intersections of studio practice and critical writing to explore the ways that visual communication bears on social realities. I am interested in the appraisal of historical narratives, the negotiability of meaning-making, and in using these critical orientations to decouple design from universalist narratives of capital.


Monday Nov 5 2018