by Alex Porterfield

Size: 15 x 15 x 3 inches
Edition Size: 1
Materials: Sharpie Markers on canvas

  • 12oz Heavy Canvas
  • Bottom Gusset
  • Reinforced at stress points
  • 21 inch Web Handles


About the Tote Bag:
I made this bag for people to simultaneously carry everyday items around and to show their emotions to others. The double-sided bag depicts two opposite emotions: happiness and sadness. The user of the bag can choose which side they want to show on the outside, and which side they want to hide pressed against their body. When the sad side is worn to the outside, the happy side is pressed against the user's body, reminding them that happy times are still close by and going to happen soon. It is vice versa when the happy side is facing out; it shows how we must go through thick and thin to learn and get to a happy life. I anticipate young millennials using this bag the most because people from this demographic are more inclined to support smaller businesses and artists. I think that this work is similar to previous things that I have done because of the hatched shading technique that I like to use when working with pastels. I could imagine a person using the bag by going out with the sad side facing out, and then coming back from filling the bag up with things that make them happy and flipping the side that they were showing to the outside. The non-distressed and clean look is because I only wanted the emotions to come from the lips themselves, and nothing else on the bag to distract from these important drawing of different emotions in lips.



About the Artist:
Year: Freshman
Major: Industrial Design
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Plans for the Future: Design snowboards.

Monday Nov 5 2018