Amber Eve Anderson

“Endless Horizon”
Size: 20 x 16 inches
Medium: Digital Type C Print
was $50 

“Distorted Globe”
Size: 72 x 72 x 60 inches
Medium: Hand-dyed rip-stop fabric & thread on a stand with electric fan and lights (inside)
was $180 

why these were made and why the artist would like to part with them...

“I created this work during a time when I was thinking a lot about placelessness and displacement and exploring ways of collapsing distance.

I would love to see these works enjoyed by someone rather than continue to store them in my closet. Plus, I believe in affordable art!”


Artist Statement:
I am interested in the way one's surroundings come to shape one's behavior and identity. My work combines images, found objects, video, and writing. I vacillate between physical and digital worlds, drawing attention to the everyday by upsetting the usual means of interaction.

Monday Nov 5 2018