Amy Hughes Braden

Size: 11 x 17 inches
Edition Size: 5
Medium: Inkjet Print
Paper Type: Archival Matte paper



About the Poster:
"Blob Mouth"

About the Artist:
Amy Hughes Braden paints and sculpts round amorphous shapes she calls Blobs. Blobs embody the shared physical experience of inhabiting flesh, they reference the laboring body, they symbolize the resources we do or don’t accumulate as humans on earth. Building on feminist art tradiitons, Braden uses domestic objects and girlhood craft materials alongside acrylic paint and canvas. Discarded cloth diapers, trashed paintings, and stained clothing are molded and formed into blobs and coated with resin and slime. Glitter, puffy paint, and neon pink are frequently employed as transgressive and playful declarations of existence.


Monday Nov 5 2018