Caroline Covington

Size: 2 x 1 inches
Medium: Forged steel
Edition size: 10


About the product:
A blacksmith's function is to make and repair. Iron combined with carbon forms unbroken cords of steel with higher strength and fracture resistance. Fastening with intentional complication forms functional knots. Yet, when solid cords of steel are brought together with functional overhand loops, their performance is reduced. Heat. Form a bite. Create a loop. Pass and free. Tighten. The series challenges function in favor of wearable sorcery.


About the Artist:
Caroline Covington's practice balances both traditional object-making with work in the expanded field. Her sculptures encourage physical interaction between the viewer, the work, and the artist with often unpredictable outcomes. Through the examination and transformation of common materials, images, and spaces, she develops rituals for contemplation and communication with the audience. She received her BFA (Sculpture) and BA (Art History) from the University of Georgia and her MFA (Sculpture) from the Maryland Institute College of Art. As an Associate Professor of Art at Pellissippi State Community College, she teaches sculpture, blacksmithing, casting, and art history courses in Knoxville, TN.

Monday Nov 5 2018