Documentation of the live performance...

Charlotte Richardson-Deppe (Collaborator and fellow performer: Mary Kate Ford)

7-10 minutes
Yellow suit (NFS), blue suit (NFS). Two blue leotards (NFS). Two 3' wooden dowels (for sale), used to help me step into the blue suit. 

Charlotte Richardson-Deppe Score
Size: 11 x 17 inches
Medium: Risograph

Remnants from the Performance:

Two 3' PVC pipes, used to put on Blue costume
Size: 3 feet each
Medium: PVC

Blue. Wearable suit.
Medium: Morph suit, clothes, thread, polyfil. 2023

Yellow. Wearable two-person suit.
Medium: Clothes, thread

One performance
We will come to the location of your choice and perform this 10-minute performance. $8000 plus any travel expenses.
*Contract available after purchase.

why this was made...

In "STUMBLE MERGE," two performers use their whole bodies to activate large soft-sculpture puppets made of brightly colored clothing. The implied bodies of the puppets and the active bodies of the performers overlap and intertwine, blurring whose limbs are whose. The performance explores concepts of insulation / isolation, tension / release, and comfort / trap. STUMBLE MERGE operates within a movement score that guides the arc of choreography but does not structure each individual movement.


About the Artist:
As a queer feminist artist working between soft sculpture and performance, my works meditate on interdependence and community, mingling bodies and bodily sculptures. Growing up, I performed aerial arts in a circus. In the circus, a web of interdependence keeps you off the ground—the tightness of your grip, the strength of your friend holding you up, the trust in an apparatus to hold your weight.In my own body now, I feel the residual stretch, tension, and ache the circus left in me—remnants of bodies defying gravity by holding one another up. In my work I exaggerate bodies and replicate limbs, making visible the ways humans connect and relate to one another. I create soft sculptures out of found textiles, then add bodies back into the equation, recording myself and others performing and interacting with them. At its core, all of my works embody both the care-filled, life-sustaining necessity of interdependence, and the tension or pain that inevitably comes from being in community with others.

Monday Nov 5 2018