Documentation of the live performance...

Dajana Perić

Rainy Place
30 minutes
one 10 inch white candle, matches, white roll paper, tape

Dajana Peric Score
Size: 11 x 17 inches
Medium: Risograph

Remnants from the Performance:

Matchbox with Used Match
Size: 1 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches
Medium: matchbox

Paper with Candle Wax
Size: 11 x 17 inches
Medium: paper, candle wax

why this was made...

"Rainy Place" integrates the visual and auditory senses and is deeply rooted in cultural context. One burning candle is turned upside down while the melted wax drips onto white paper - creating a visual and sound effect of rain. Hot candle wax wets the paper as the drop adheres to it creating a slapping sound. Calling for rain is one of the oldest traditions of the Slavic people and has a ritualistic narrative at its core. The performance uses candles as an element of both celebrations and mourning.


About the Artist:
My art practice is largely performance-based and it embodies deeply personal experiences and interpersonal relationships in the context of my native land - Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through performance, I synchronize the process of internal changes with art, while the remnants of the performance serve as emotionally charged documentation. My works often contain a complex note of internal struggles with reference to the purity of childhood. I examine cultural identity through exaggeration. In addition to performance, I have maintained an interest in sculptural work and conceptual art installations as a tangible form of inner reflection.

Monday Nov 5 2018