Dennis Carroll

Size: 10 x 14 inches
Medium: Cotton yarn and Wool blend felt
Edition size: 10


About the product:
What you're seeing is a knitted "print" I made using a 90's brother knitting machine. I rarely make multiples/edition work. However, after a fair amount of time and practice with the knitting machine I realized I could make prints in knitted form. As you can see in the bottom left: Each print is numbered (I actually hand manipulated the needles while numbering) "Seymour" (title) and my name. Seymour is a character that often frequents my recent drawings and paintings. He is a very good boy. I thought of this star version while coming up with ideas for a sweater and thought it might be something different and unexpected. I have not seen many non-knitters using knitting machines. Plus, I believe my background in painting, printmaking and drawing brings a new perspective to the medium. I surged the knitted material to a piece of red felt for thickness/strength. The roughness on the edge is reminiscent to a deckled edge found in printmaking paper. I think these would look good hung up with hang magnets.


About the Artist:
Dennis Carroll (b.1995) is a painter/printmaker of Latin descent from Flushing, New York. His pronouns are he/him.In 2017, he received his BFA in painting from Lyme Academy. Currently, he is working at Erector Square in New Haven, CT. His work has been exhibited with the PAFA Museum of Art, Air Gallery, and Artspace New Haven. He has received a fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center Residency Johnson,VT and attended the Con Artist Residency, NY. In 2017, he was included in The University of Iowa print archive and The Central Michigan University print collection. He has been an antique dealer/reseller since the age of 8 years old which has been an integral part of his art making process. He likes long walks on the beach, cheeseburgers, has gripes with the U.S. post office, and is an eBay red star power seller.

Monday Nov 5 2018