Elizabeth Ashe

Dimensions: 27"(l) x 27"(w) x 57"(h)
Medium: Wood, Hardware, Carpet, Cardboard tubes, Sisal Rope, Twine, Corks, Scrub Brush, Ball, Wire

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My cats love two kinds of spaces -- super low, and super high. With this in mind, my design includes a spiral staircase and a low ramp that be adjusted to make it even lower, or higher and become a cave. They also don't like feather wands, but they do love playing with corks and twine.



About the Artist:
My artwork is rooted in domesticity and travel, wherein home is holy and sanctioned, habitual, private and wary. Even threat is something beautiful. I am keyed into the expanse and claustrophobia of sharing domestic space with landscapes. As a Californian, I was taught to be careful of earthquakes as soon as I could crawl. I was taught to never start a fire outside alone, because wind could sweep embers up the coast and burn a whole mountain. I witnessed that my dad's temper was scarier than any earthquake and learned how to pack-house in an afternoon. I learned to forget about my little brother and protect my mother. I watched birds and wondered about their stillness, ability for flight and their migration patterns. The drawn-to and repelled-from-danger and safety dynamic holds sway in my work. I create sculptures which invite viewers to interact and reposition how they encounter space.

Monday Nov 5 2018