Documentation of the live performance...

Emily Francisco

30 minutes
clocks, vibraphone bars, contact mics, condenser mic, tiny PA system, electronic devices, toys, mallets, various objects and tools of measurement 

Emily Francisco Score
Size: 11 x 17 inches
Medium: Risograph

what is this...

Clockwork is a performative prelude to "A Brief Study of Time", a solo installation at Hillyer Art Space opening August 5, 2023. Time is amplified in imperfect and irregular increments in an attempt to measure the present moment.


About the Artist:
Utilizing disrupted signal flow, cheap consumer technologies, and discarded obsolete devices, my work largely deals with fragmented time. Collecting existing objects and processing the physical and metaphorical weight those objects carry, I piece together these disparate elements in an attempt to make things whole. As a result, I create objects and environments that require activation; work that is incomplete until the viewer is present and engaging in the moment.

Monday Nov 5 2018