Gayle Friedman

Medium: Sterling Silver

1. Cups
Edition Size: 4

2. Circle Dangles
Edition Size: 4

3. Circle Studs
Edition Size: 4

About the Product:

I'm a sculptor and a jeweler. My jewelry and sculpture tend to bounce off of and feed each other. These tiny earrings are sketches for me. Sometimes I play with square wire and sometimes it's beaded. The cup earrings are hammered so that the edges ripple.


Artist Statement:
I’m interested in the stuff that flows in and out of our lives through relationships, encounters and experiences. I'm always on alert for materials that others no longer want or find useful. Things percolate as I play and arrange, and I wait for connections to emerge. As hidden meanings are revealed and emotions surface, I seek a deeper understanding of who we are and the places we inhabit. If I had to distill it all, I'd say Memory. Mine and others. Known and not.

Monday Nov 5 2018