Gladney Hall

"Neon Kitten Dream Home"
Dimensions: 20"(l) x 22"(w) x 42"(h)
Medium: Rope, Cardboard, Faux Fur, String, Feathers, Cloth, Paint

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Inspired by the rainbow brite queen herself, Lisa Frank, I designed this cat tower to deliver the most fun to your living space as well as your funky feline friend! Your cat will spend hours frolicking, scratching, batting and relaxing in my one of a kind fuzzy palace. It'll transport you back to the days of trapper keepers and jelly bands. Just wait till your cat is transported to a rainbow world of their own! Note: Catnip can enhance the effects of the Rainbow Trip Cat Tower.


About the Artist:
During my practice I allow myself the freedom to explore and play. Like a kid in a sandbox – constructing, deconstructing, re-constructing, re-deconstructing. I like to think of my work like a construction site gone wrong. I want to break OSHA rules, create on top of non-load bearing structures, constantly change direction and never stick to a blueprint. A childlike impulse to construct and deconstruct drives my curiosity in the arts.

Monday Nov 5 2018