Jen Pape

Building Blocks of Life Earrings
Size: 1.5 x 0.75 x 0.25 inches
Medium: Powder Coated Steel with Sterling Silver Backing
Edition Size: 22


About the product:
These Building Blocks of Life echo a slice in time, a pause in contemplation, a snapshot of life unfolding. Partially reflective of a Mobius Strip, this form seeks to reflect the boundless nature of our consciousness and ability to evolve. The build up and interplay of color and darkness reflect our attributions of meaning, breathing in of life, of value into something that seeks neither. We hold on so dearly to the experiences, thoughts, material nature that seem to construct our existence and personal identity while simultaneously holding a deep knowing - be it conscious or unconscious - that our identification lies beyond these forms.

photo by Mariah Mirana


About the Artist:
Jen’s work serves as physical outpicturings of their meditative practices and life contemplations, seeking to ground ideas into reality. This body of work in steel examines how seemingly complicated topics can be simplified again and again until they expand into even broader realizations. By taking slices of previously created 3-D wax worked forms, Jen explores how elements may be synthesized with new elements to further evolve ideas. By focusing on small details and bringing them to the forefront, each fragment can be contemplated as its own entity - a whole part apart from the whole whilst being whole in and of itself.

Monday Nov 5 2018