Kara Braciale

Size: 11x17 inches
Edition Size: 50
Medium: Digital Print
Paper Type: 100lb Gloss Text with vinyl hand additions



About the Poster:
This poster is is a product of and portal to the ongoing multimedia project thisautonomous.zone (http://thisautonomous.zone). As a fixed image of the woven text “this is an autonomous zone”, the poster proposes autonomy as event: a moment circumscribed by a beginning and an end, and understood in retrospect. thisautonomous.zone, more broadly, compresses the shared histories of technology and production and the boundaries of political and personal autonomy across physical and digital spaces.

About the Artist:
Kara Braciale is an artist, educator and parent based in northern Virginia. Her work takes a variety of forms including paintings, digital works and textile objects alongside more conversational and social works such as the collaboratively run Proof Gallery, a project space in South Boston active from 2007-2018. Visually, she conflates references to different spaces: interior, exterior, the floor, the wall, ornamental, utilitarian, domestic, institutional, virtual and historical. She takes patterns, ideas, decor, languages and systems and uses them as metonyms for the valences of authority surrounding the aesthetics of the spaces to which they refer.



Monday Nov 5 2018