Mirrors & Shelves

Kevin Kao

Dimensions: Various Dimensions (approximately 4 x 6 x 5 inches)
Medium: Ceramic, Glaze

In approaching this exhibition, I saw an opportunity to fold together the qualities associated with ceramic craft with my own interest in the humorous body. For many, the bathroom, shower, and sink are spaces associated with vulnerability and ritual in our daily lives. These sculptures serve: functioning as mini-shelves for cleansing objects as well as mirrors to view yourself in.

About the Artist:
I’m interested in the perception of value and its relationship to history, craft and authorship. I continually question these ideas through a uniquely clay perspective: examining how the material has been handled historically, and how I can use it to address body, identity and otherness. Humor becomes an important way of reflecting our own selves - allowing for a closer examination of otherwise complicated ideas, such as race, objectification and collective memory.

Monday Nov 5 2018