by Lillian Walker

Size: 15 x 15 x 3 inches
Edition Size: 1
Materials: Yarn, felt, acrylic paint on canvas

  • 12oz Heavy Canvas
  • Bottom Gusset
  • Reinforced at stress points
  • 21 inch Web Handles


About the Tote Bag:
This bag explores a theme of the use of space and perspective through physical objects. I am very interested in the use of architectural design to express not only the purpose, but the emotion of a space. The way that structures fill a space can convey a strong concept or emotion, and can vary based on the viewer's perception. This composition of vertical rectangular shapes may symbolize a growing industrial landscape, or it may simply be colorful shapes. I believe that, in a way, the ability of a composition to be interpreted in a way that appeals to any individual perception is the most important element of a piece. To me, this tote bag displays a space filled with increasingly crowding structures that are bound to collide with one another, conveying a feeling of the helplessness that comes from feeling overwhelmed. However, the opposite side of the bag provides a different perspective- the outside of the space. It allows the possibility of a different perspective, in which viewing the space from the outside may provide a different insight as to the emotion it expresses. Perhaps being on the outside of this scene makes it feel less intense, as it is in the background.



About the Artist:
Year: Freshman
Major: Architectural Design
Hometown: Mechanicsville, VA

Plans for the Future: I would like to possibly go to grad school and work as an architect.

Monday Nov 5 2018