Lisa Cox

Size: approx 2.5 x 3 inches
Medium: Cyanotype ink on watercolor paper
Edition Size: 20

About the product:
Do you stop to appreciate nature, or are you just walking straight past it? One blink and the moment is gone, the light has moved on the leaf has fallen. These mini cyanotype prints are one-of-a-kind prints that explore this unpredictable and temporal aspect of nature and how completely captivating those moments are where everything aligns. Each one embodies the interaction between the botanical forms, sunlight, wind, and time to capture that one specific moment. By sharing these snapshots, the pieces invite the viewers to be more mindful while exploring nature and find these moments for themselves.


About the Artist:
Based in Washington, DC., Lisa creates fiber art and cyanotype prints inspired by exploration in nature. Lisa’s art recreates natural elements stripped down to their most essential parts to invite viewers to pause and appreciate familiar views in a new light. The repetitive processes in her fiber and printmaking process ground her in the work, replicating the same sense of presence felt in nature. Lisa has a B.S. in Industrial Design, experience in apparel and graphic design, and is now a Brand and Marketing Director. While her early career as an apparel designer at a large outdoor brand didn’t stick, that passion for drawing inspiration from nature carries through her artwork today.

Monday Nov 5 2018