Madeline A. Stratton

"Jellicle Cats Play on the Art"
Size: 46"(l) x 18"(w) x 55.5"(h)
Medium: Acrylic, Rope, Fabric, Yarn, and Wood

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Jellicle cats come out to play

Jellicle cats come one, come all

The neon fringe is waving round

Come climb if you are short or tall

Jellicle cats love shiny things

Jellicle cats think rope enthralls

The glitter shines in sun all day

Play and jump and crouch and crawl

Jellicle cats hide in nooks

Jellicle cats love to lounge

They scratch and claw and flicks their tails

Take this home and joy abounds


About the Artist:
My work is an investigation of the memory and importance of domestic objects and spaces. Utilizing traditional media such as paint, textiles, thread, and printmaking, I challenge myself to create representations stemming from my memory. By creating silhouettes of objects and simplified structures of empty spaces, I aim to convey both absence and belonging. I search for ways to memorialize and find comfort in the objects of daily rituals and the spaces in which they take place. While drawing from places and times specific to me, I hope the viewer can enter into a reflective journey of their own space and memory.

Monday Nov 5 2018