by Maral Khayat

Size: 15 x 15 x 3 inches
Edition Size: 1
Materials: Thread on canvas

  • 12oz Heavy Canvas
  • Bottom Gusset
  • Reinforced at stress points
  • 21 inch Web Handles


About the Tote Bag:
A tote bag, symbolizing growth through the evolution of flowers blooming. This tote bag can be used to express the achievement of growth from the troubles one faces. One side of the bag shows the seeds, which stands for the beginning, where one is carrying all thoughts and emotions. The other side shows the flowers bloomed. This stands for understanding the emotions one carries, not letting it have a hold on you and learning from it. When someone uses this bag I want them to be proud of themself for going through this process and achieving it. It is not always easy to understand the problems we face, and often times we push them aside; however that will cause them to build up over time. Instead of pushing them aside, taking time to understand it will help you bloom into a better version of yourself. This is similar to my other works because I love portraying an individual's growth, no matter what the reason or topic. I did a different project with paint where a seed was blooming into a flower and how the weather had an impact on it. The weather symbolized the emotion one goes through and the flower represented the person. Our bags will always be filled with emotion and thoughts but we can always bloom from them!



About the Artist:
Year: Sophomore
Major: Architectural Design
Hometown: Virginia

Monday Nov 5 2018