Marisa LaGuardia

“Sun Spat”
Size: 16 x 20 inches
Medium: oil onm wood panel
was $140

why these were made and why the artist would like to part with them...

“An early piece from grad school. The yellow shape was light from a window with masking tape on it. I experimented with putting a free-hand pattern surrounding to see how that influenced the color perception.”



About the Artist:
I seek to activate, challenge, and reorient viewers’ relationship to their own perception, both visually and physically. I am both a world-builder and continuous observer of my surroundings. Rooted in exploration and experimentation, my multi-media practice invites individuals to encounter it by fully participating with their body to discover attributes only visible from a particular point of view. Moments are obscured, heightened, or cancelled out based on one’s proximity. The resulting scenarios are activated collages. Moments of tangible and intangible are knit together, calling attention to the porosity of how we move through the world.

I integrate naturally occurring phenomena, such as reflection, gravity and light to coincide with inherent physical material qualities, like as color, texture, and luminosity to evoke a dialogue between object and experience. Painting and video act as portals to another realm, while physical installation sets the scene. My performances are meditations in motion. Further still, I strive to create circumstances that focuses on the beauties of the present through highlighting instances serendipitous synchronicity.

Each moment is an opportunity for connection, if we allow it.

Monday Nov 5 2018