Michael Crossett and Skyler Kelly

Dimensions: 23"(l) x 14"(w) x 48"(h)
Medium: mdf, twine, metal, polyester, spray paint, laser cut stencils, original photography and screen prints

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We wanted to create an urban, streetscape inspired cat tree that would help any indoor cat feel at home in the city.  Original photographs/graphics screen printed in layers are combined with graffiti styling to give this cat tree life.  With the vivid, graphic approach it becomes just as much a form of urban sculpture as a functional climb a kitty deserves.


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About the Artists:
Mixed Scene begin in 2015, when Michael Crossett and Skyler Kelly began to share and collaborate on projects, studio work and murals. The pair synchronize two styles seamlessly into vibrant urban art that transforms spaces. They approach each of our projects with an open mind and clear palette, listening and learning from the projects directives and environment.  They aim to create fresh, vibrant work that pays respect to the surrounding environment, while still allowing the art to surprise and excite.

Skyler Kelly is a graffiti artist and currently working at Moleskin.  He has 10 years of experience in graffiti techniques, aerosol control and typography.  Skyler’s focus in our murals is to use graffiti techniques and can control to create typographic lettering, shading, shadows and bold color.  Skyler recently completed a group mural project with the Glenstone Museum, Fear Eats the Soul.  He also has just launched a successful custom skateboard grip tape company, Hootie Hoo Grip.

Michael Crossett is a full time mixed media artist and print maker.  He has 25 years of marketing and design experience which provides a strong foundation for project management and collaborating with clients. His work has always had a urban aesthetic and he is now expanding his studio work to public art and mural projects.  For murals, his understanding of design, layering techniques, composition and stenciling help to create definition and realism in the work. He was the recipient of the DCCAH Fellowship Grant in 2018 and 2019,has over 15 works of art in DCCAH’s Art Bank and recently created murals for four DC Schools and DDOT.

The combination of their techniques and talents allows them to create murals in a range of styles based on the environment and community needs. Always with focus on technique, style and composition.They have completed successful projects recently for Pow Wow DC, KPMG, Leon Restaurants, Spin DC, DC DGS, Bang Salon, Hudson Yards Grill NYC, Landmark Center (Boston) and Metropolitan Square.  

Monday Nov 5 2018