Miriam Julianna

Size: 16 foot long strand and 32 foot long strand
Medium: LED light strand, origami cranes, glue
Edition Size: 10

About the Product:
Searching for Eon Light Strands- Folded from reclaimed paper (i.e. the artist's trash) each of the cranes is placed over a small LED light source. Adaptable for any space, they are meant to be used in a utilitarian way that brings comfort- as a child's night light, for reading under, or for casting a protective glow around you and your sweetie. In the same sense that each of us emits light as an individual, the glow of these lights is only strong enough to dispel darkness when they are connected together.



About the Artist:
Miriam Julianna is an untrained artist whose storytelling project Searching for Eon came about in response to a friend's death at the dawn of the Trump presidency. You can hear audio of the story by using the QR code above, or by asking the artist to fold you a crane if you meet in real life. The artist's practice has expanded since 2016 to include painting, performance art, and collage work using gel-medium transfers. In all mediums the artist is interested in exploring interconnectedness and the reclamation of found materials.

Monday Nov 5 2018