Patrick McMahon

“driving rain”
Size: 36 x 48 inches
Medium: oil and acrylic spray paint on canvas
was $120

Size: 20 x 18 inches
Medium: oil and acrylic on canvas
$40 ︎ Sold Out

why these were made and why the artist would like to part with them...

CICADA: I distinctly remember thinking about an adult cicada emerging from its shell as I painted this one, even though it wasn't a Brood X year. There's no deeper symbolism here, really. I was thinkin' about bugs.

DRIVING RAIN: I painted this piece in summer 2018 during a period in my life that was totally at the whims of fate. I'd been laid off and was in the midst of a surprise move. At one point in July, my apartment started flooding every time it rained. As someone who never throws anything away, who suddenly had to throw many things away, I was surprised to feel… mostly calm and at peace as I cleaned out my space. This piece was awarded Best in Show at "Juried 02," a show at Hole in the Sky in 2018.

I need to make room.”


About the Artist:
Patrick McMahon is a self-taught painter living and working in Washington DC. Building from abstract expressionist and minimalist traditions, he paints with the tools, textures, and forms of the environments we share.

Monday Nov 5 2018