Peter Redgrave

Size: 4.5 x 5.5 inches
Medium: inkjet print on archival paper, wire bound
Edition Size: 25


About the product: PROP 2 is a book that holds a dance that the dancers hold. The but, also edition of this piece ia a bundle of four books. In order to do the dance you have to have at least four people.


About the Artist:
Peter Redgrave is an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Baltimore, Maryland. He creates performances, music, text-based works and images. He has trained with Butoh dancers, contact improvisors, clowns, and skateboarders. In 2017, Redgrave founded The Move Move Collaborative, an annual experimental movement intensive that brings dancers and movement artists from outside of Baltimore together with local dancers to explore training and performance in the least hierarchical way they can.

Redgrave has made zines and self published books since the 1980’s including WORM zine (1989-1994), Pedestrian Surface Imperfections (1993), The Life and Times of Henri and Vince (2005), the ENDCyC series (2012- ongoing) with Richard W. Smith, The PROP series (2018 - ongoing) and Natural Score (2020).

He is currently working on solo movement performances, as well as ongoing collaborations with Orlando Johnson, Jamal Moore, Celeste Neuhaus, Kate O’Brien, Valeska Populoh, Khristian Weeks, and Matthew Williams.

Monday Nov 5 2018