by Rebecca Silberman

Size: 15 x 15 x 3 inches
Edition Size: 1
Materials: Cyanotype, thread, sew-on or iron-on letters on canvas

  • 12oz Heavy Canvas
  • Bottom Gusset
  • Reinforced at stress points
  • 21 inch Web Handles


About the Tote Bag:
My totebag will be a cyanotype/blue print of a "sample" totebag with a "YOUR LOGO HERE" design on the front and blank on the back (both clearly identified as front and back on the corresponding front and back of the tote). I love images inside of images, so I see this as something that could go on indefinitely--the next bag depicting the cyanotype of the "YOUR LOGO HERE" bag, and so on, with imagery receding far into the representations as the project carries on until my demise. Or until some proxy picks up the important mission of iterations of totebags on totebags until the end of time or until every single member of the human race has one, whichever milestone comes first.



About the Artist:

A Little bit more about Rebecca: Rebecca Silberman is a Professor of Art, teaching all manner of traditional photography, ranging from 19th Century techniques through large format at James Madison University. Her special areas of interest include handmade sensitizers, low-tech adaptations, miniatures, optics and illusions. She has been the recipient of many awards, including a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship (2019-2020) and a Virginia Commission for the Arts Individual Fellowship. She has shown her work throughout the United States. Rebecca holds an MFA in Graphics (photography, printmaking and drawing) from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She and members of three generations of her family occupy a formerly abandoned elementary school in Louisa County, Virginia. Their home was recently featured on Season 3 of the Emmy-nominated series Legacy List on PBS (January 2022).

Monday Nov 5 2018