Selina Doroshenko

Size:18 x 12 inches
Medium: Puffy vest, webbing, poly-cotton thread
Edition size: 7

About the product:
It is a puffy purse. I created it from an upcycled puffy vest. This purse relates to my art practice, since it something that already existed in the world and was recycled and repurposed to serve a new function. I'm invested in the everyday, in accidental miracles. The canvas tote is horrible for our environment, as was recently discovered. Hence, puffy purse!!

︎@selinaaliens @frickonastick

About the Artist:
Selina Doroshenko (b. 1990, Montreal, CANADA), is a multi-disciplinary artist transforming everyday experiences into specific objects through performance, painting and fiber. Her work has been exhibited internationally at Gallerium Art (Toronto, 2021), Jones Gallery (Kansas City, 2020), Indianapolis Art Center (2019), Practice Gallery (Philadelphia, 2018), LA Artcore (Los Angeles, 2018), Moiety (New York, 2017) and Fully Booked Art Fair (Dubai, 2017). Her work has been published in Editorial Magazine, Emergency Index and BmoreArt. Doroshenko’s artwork is included in the Joanne Gold Collection as well as the Capital One Art Collection.

Monday Nov 5 2018