Steven Jones

Size: 18x24 inches
Edition Size: 15
Medium: Digital Print
Paper Type: 1/4 inch whiteboard on foam core



About the Poster:
This poster asks the viewer to address the image with provided dry erase marker.

About the Artist:
I have a theory on the history of humans that I would like to share. I do not believe that early humans started out hunting animals. I bet when they wanted meat, they would steal it from predators that were better at hunting animals. I mean, sure, its hard to scare off a lion and eat its dead gazelle, but that is a lot easier than for some guy to catch a gazelle. Or even take down a gazelle with a rock or a spear. If it was me, I would use that rock or spear to chase off or kill a lion and steal its food. With a friend or two, and using rudimentary communication, no big problem; kind of how hyenas steal food from the big cats. In fact, I bet the first domesticated dogs were not just for companionship, but to help harass big cats to steal their kills.And that is why early humans would need to cook food. A freshly and personally killed animal would be fine to eat raw, but a kill that was stolen from another predator might already be a few days old. My current body of work reflects on false memories of simple rural life as I live in urban areas, and a created history of myself identifying with chickens.

Monday Nov 5 2018