June 23 - July 30, 2021
3015b Georgia Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20001

Selected Artists:
Elizabeth Ashe |  Gladney Hall |  Lea Craigie Marshall | 
Matthew J. Russo |  Madeline A. Stratton

Washington, D.C.: but, also is pleased to present, but, also...Cats. In keeping with our mission to support the many forms an artistic practice can take, the open call for but, also...Cats challenged artists to consider the needs of the beloved domestic cat. but, also...Cats features artist designed and fabricated cat towers accompanied by sketches and will be on view and on sale from June 19- July 30, 2021 at but, also’s temporary space at 3015b Georgia Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 and online at but, also will be adhering to Washington, DC’s Covid-19 protocol with regularly open hours as well as private appointments.

The time has come for us to emerge from our homes, sit in parks, reunite with the people we have been estranged from for months, shoveling ourselves out of the long cold winter. Our TVs will soon go unwatched, our tea kettles will remain silent, and our cats, who after a year of pandemic had finally grown accustomed to our presence in their homes, will finally join the dogs, and miss us when we are gone. They will need stimulation. They will need something new to fill the human-sized voids we will leave behind. They will need… high-concept, artist designed and fabricated cat towers.

The artists in but, also...Cats pounced at the opportunity and dedicated artful sketches and proposals for the ultimate marriage of color, form and function. but, also will display the sculptures with an appropriate level of reverence. From geometric repetition and scratch posts, organic contemporary structures to bed bowls, these sculptures have everything you are looking for in a functional art piece. The exhibit plays with the boundary between fine art sculpture and functional home decor, creating an experience of art that is engaging to both humans and cats alike. Some people want to be both art collectors AND cat lovers, but simply don’t have the space for both. We are here to meet their needs.

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Monday Nov 5 2018